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Genumedi E+Motion

Genumedi is a knee support with patella silicone ring. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the knee and only on unbroken skin.


Mechanism of action

The integrated silicone ring of the Genumedi reduces stress on the kneecap. Together with the compression of the knitted fabric, it causes a massage effect. This enhances perfusion of the joint and decreases swelling and effusion. Irritation and pain are alleviated. At the same time, muscular control and inherent stabilisation of the knee joint are improved. 

Supports are most beneficial during physical activity. The support can in principle be worn throughout the day. This must depend on how
comfortable the wearer is. Moreover, the knee may not be bent by more than 70° when sitting. The support should be removed for long breaks (e.g. long periods sitting, long drives or sleeping). 

If you suffer excessive pain or discomfort during wear, please take off the product immediately and contact your doctor or specialised shop. The support is suitable for use in water. After use, please rinse thoroughly.



  • Inflammation of the joint (Arthritis)
  • Painful joint wear (arthrosis)
  • Irritation of the joint (e.g. excessive stress, injuries, operations) linked to swelling and effusion
  • Pain in the kneecap (femoropatellar pain syndrome, anterior knee


Contra indications

No general side effects are known. However, if supports (or similar aids) are too tight, local pressure effects or constriction of blood vessels or nerves may occur in individuals. If you have any of the following complaints please conult your doctor before using the brace:

  • Diseases or injuries of the skin in the area of use, especially with inflammatory symptoms (excessive warming, swelling or reddening).
  • Sensitivity and perfusion disorders of the legs or feet (e.g. in the case of diabetes).
  • Lymph outflow disorders, as well as undiagnosed swellings of soft tissues, apart from the area of use.

Any combination with other products (e.g. compression stockings) must be discussed in advance with the responsible doctor.


  • NEW Comfort Zone in the pit of the knee:The new knitting technique in the pit of the knee is pleasant to wear and provides compression over the entire area without constricting, especially good for soft connective tissue.
  • NEW Anti-slip system: The firm connection between the knitted fabric and rods on the side (state of the art, high frequency adhesive technique) ensure that the knitted fabric in the pit of the knee remains permanently stretched and free from folds, even during activities with frequent knee bending, like skiing. The integrated silicone dot coating guarantees non-slip positioning of the soft support on the leg. Both of these features effectively help to prevent the soft support from slipping over the kneecap and the knitted fabric gathering in the pit of the knee. This means comfort for the wearer over extended periods of time, without the need to constantly adjust the soft support’s position.
  • NEW Improved fit: Significantly improved fit thanks to hidden, gradually extended knitted fabric, especially in the edge areas. Highly elastic knitted weave ensures easy application.
  • NEW Design: The medi commitment to quality is embodied by the state of the art, dynamic design with its vibrant threaded and knitted structures. The magenta coloured finished edge on the silver and black versions accentuates this commitment in a subtle, yet striking way. The sand version (without magenta edge) rounds off a range of colours that reflects every type of customer requirement.
  • Maximum pressure relief for kneecap: The open inner border of the silicone patellar ring ensures that the knitted fabric remains as elastic as possible, reducing the contact pressure on the kneecap during movement. This is particularly important as, for many indications, retropatellar cartilage damage is already present.
  • Wide range of versions: To meet the requirements on modern soft knee supports in terms of fit, comfort and effectiveness, Genumedi offers a range of versions that are optimally geared towards the different leg shapes and proportions of the wearers, yet still provide the required compressive effect.
  • Genumedi Standard for standard leg proportions
  • Genumedi extra-wide (silver and sand) for disproportionate thigh circumferences.
  • NEW Silicone beaded topband as standard maintains position and provides a soft elastic support edge. Now available for silver and sand version.
  • Genumedi made-to-measure for more unusual leg proportions in the thigh/lower leg area, available in silver or sand, with an optional additional grip top.


Care instructions

The silicone ring does not need to be removed before washing. (See figs. 5 on how to re-insert). Fabric softener, fats, oils and ointments can attack the material and the Clima Comfort Effect can be impaired. Soap residues can cause skin irritation and material wear.

  • Wash the product by hand, preferably using a medi clean detergent, or in delicate cycle at 30°C using a mild detergent without fabric conditioners.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Leave to dry naturally.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.




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