Mediven Thrombexin 18 AG Thigh stocking

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Thrombexin 18 AG Thigh stocking


mediven thrombexin 18 anti-embolism stockings are an effective aid for the prevention of thrombosis during hospitalisation and of the pulmonary embolism that could result from it.

The area of application extends to the prevention of thrombosis before, during and after an operation. Where the risk of thrombosis is moderate to high, preventive treatment with anti-embolism stockings is often supplemented with drugs (e.g. heparin) and other measures (e.g. physiotherapy).

A continuously decreasing compression from the ankle (approx. 18 mmHg) to the thigh (approx. 8 mmHg) provides an optimum acceleration of venous return of the blood.

Features of the mediven thrombexin 18:

  • Inspection opening: this allows constant monitoring of the circulatory situation without having to remove the stocking. Any discolouration, which usually indicates an arterial problem, can therefore be detected at an early stage and the appropriate measures can be taken immediately. The opening also makes it easier to keep the toe area clean.
  • 3D heel: the particularly vulnerable heel area is protected by the fleecy soft heel. The high-capillary material wicks moisture away from the skin and reliably prevents maceration (softening of the skin). This sustainably reduces the development of bed sores on the heel (ulcers that develop on the heel as a result of long periods of confinement to bed),
  • Colour marking: clear colour marking on the heel and just below the top band of the mediven thrombexin 18, indicates the size of the stocking. The prominent identification marking on the heel is used to ensure the correct positioning of the stocking in the foot area. The size of the stocking can also be seen on the label which is sewn into the stocking.
  • Silicone top band: rectangular colour markings on the silicone top band indicate whether the selected stocking size is appropriate for the thigh circumference. This ensures, at a glance, that venous return is not impeded or even prevented. Even with the “intelligent” silicone top band, correct measurement of the stocking is still essential for the provision of an optimum medical care.
  • Antibacterial toe: mediven thrombexin 18 is the first medical anti-embolism stocking to incorporate an antibacterial toe. The antimicrobial properties of the yarn used lead to a clear reduction in the usual micro-organisms and fungi found in hospitals between the toes and at the base of the toe. This effect is not achieved by simple application of a substance, but rather occurs as a result of a physical and chemical manufacturing process. These anti-bacterial properties remain even after many washes.
  • Unusual comfort in wear: the breathable and moisture-wicking fabric provide the optimum conditions for a pleasant ‘climatic’ environment. The heat congestion, which is a frequent complaint, is clearly reduced by the permeability of the knitted fabric to air, which promotes the cooling effect with evaporation.
  • Material: 82 % polyamide, 18 % elastane, latex-free. A careful selection of materials is the necessary prerequisite for top product quality. The use of latex has been deliberately avoided to prevent allergic reactions in patients and nursing staff. A particular feature of our anti-embolism stockings and wound dressing aids, is the use of a “bare” elastane thread with no spun coating, which gives the stocking its compressive and highly elastic characteristics. This allows thigh circumferences of up to 100 cm to be fitted.

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Toen ik de bestelling geplaatst had werd meteen zichtbaar dat de steunkousen in voorraad waren, prettig want een paar dagen later kreeg ik ze al thuis gestuurd en betalen kon na ontvangst heel goed want niet iedereen beschikt over internetbankieren, goed bedrijf!

J.B. Posted on 25 June 2014 at 16:37

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"Bestelling was zeer snel binnen goeie duidelijke informatie op jullie site"

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